The Value of a Spiritual Foundation

April 2013 Sermon Series:

Making the Right Choice

Jesus calls for a heart that is connected to God. Any activity offered in God’s name is useless without a relationship with Him.


Seeing the Value of Our Church Family

In today’s culture, many have begun to place a low emphasis on church involvement and church membership. Some have hardly any idea as to what it means to be part of a spiritual family – the family of God. Coming to Christ is coming to the church. Any idea of experiencing salvation without belonging to a local church is foreign to the New Testament. If Jesus values His Church, so should we.


Hope That Never Fades

Romans 8.18 says we have a salvation in which the greatest part has yet to be revealed. So much is yet to come. Hope is the major component of our salvation.


Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

How do we enter God’s presence? Psalm 100 tells us how. We must examine and engage our ...

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