Three Ways You Can Build a Godly Family

The family is under grave attack in our culture. In some cases, the very foundation of the American family is cracking under extreme social pressure. Many of today’s families experience heavy stress. How can we effectively deal with it? How do we successfully raise families today?

I. Choose the right priority.

  1. Deuteronomy 6.4-9 – These verses outline the proper priority in any Christian family.  God.
  2. 6.5 – What is the primary motivation for choosing God? Love.
    1. Psalm 18.1; Hebrews 13.15 – praise Him.
    2. Depend on God for your needs. Verbalize this dependence.
    3. Repent of sin and shortcomings.
    4. Express gratitude.
    5. 6.6 – Take your responsibilities to heart.
      1. You must not only talk the talk but walk the walk.
      2. Children need spiritual direction.
      3. 6.7-9 – Point – we must tell our kids about God.

II. Choose the right attitude.

  1. Deuteronomy 6.10-12 – Israel face a hard challenge upon entering Canaan. Challenge? Prosperity.  We live in times of prosperity. What pitfalls do we face?
  2. Pride. Prospering can lead us to believe we serve what we have…and even more.
  3. Addiction to amusement – because of prosperity – we have free time.
  4. Daytime Christianity – busy-ness.  (What is this?)
  5. How do you approach prosperity?
    1. Thanksgiving must dominate your heart – Ephesians 5.20.
    2. Approach your prosperity with caution – Deuteronomy 6.12.

III. Choose the right message.

  1. Deuteronomy 6.20-25.
  2. Whey you move with right priorities and attitude, it will have an effect.
    1. Children will ask about what we are doing and why we do it.
    2. How to answer is seen in 6.21-22.
    3. What would we say today? By the grace of God.


  1. What’s in your family survival kit?
  2.   Today we have looked at some core values that must be instilled in our families.
    1. The right priority.
    2. The right attitude.
    3. The right message.
    4. Look for consistent ways to convey these values inside your family.
    5. How is your spiritual life?

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