The Helmet of Salvation

In Ephesians 6.13-17 Paul presents us with the resources for gaining victory in Christian life against Satan and his demons.You need to get ready for a conflict, because it will not be easy. The battle seems daunting, but we have a great promise in 3.20. You have all the resources needed to be successful. You can go into the war with a sense of victory at hand…

I. The Background:

  1. A Roman solider would have never gone into battle without a helmet.
  2. Helmets mainly protected you from the broadsword.

II. Three Aspects of our Salvation

  1. 6.17 – In this context, a person has already been saved.
  2. There is a past, present, and future component of our salvation.
    1. Romans 6.2 – you died to sin. 6.4 – you walk in newness of life.
      1. 8.1: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
    2. 1 John 2.1-6 – there is a present reality to our salvation. 2.1a – do not sin.
      1. 2.1b-2 – But if you do, we have an advocate with the Father,…
      2. Romans 8.34 – Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is …indeed interceding for us.
    3. 1 John 3.1-2 – there is a future part of our salvation. We shall see him as he is.

III. The Helmet Looks Forward to a Future Salvation

  1. Romans 8.22-23a – This world isn’t the way God intended it.
    1. 8.23b-24 – For in this hope we were saved.
    2. 1 Peter 1.3-5 – We’re looking for the one day fullness of our salvation!
  2. 1 Thessalonians 5.8 – we belong to the day.
    1. 5.8b – put on the ….helmet the hope of salvation.
    2. 5.9 – Jesus died for us so that …we might live with him.

IV. Why This Piece of Armor is So Important:

  1. He will fill your head with discouragement.
    1. Galatians 6.9; Revelation 2.2-3; Romans 13.11b – what’s the message?
    2. Revelation 2.7b, 11b, 3.5, 12, 21.
  2. He’ll hit you with doubt: See Philippians 1.6; Jude 24-25.

V. For Personal Application:

  1. What is keeping you from looking as much as you should at the finish line?
  2. How are you handling the disappointments of life as they come?
  3. Are you allowing disappointment to drive you away from continued obedience?
  4. How are you responding to any doubts you have regarding your salvation?
  5. Are you living in fear? How strong is your confidence in the promises of God?


  1. Ephesians 6.13 – How strong is your commitment to stand?

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