Tag: Trust in God

Be Still and Know

Think of the confidence we have when we stand on holy ground. Today, we’ll spend our time in Psalm 46. We’ll look at this psalm in 3 ways: 1: 46.1-3 – peace in the chaos of circumstances. 2: 46.4-7 – peace in the chaos of human trouble 3: 46.8-11 – an invitation for peace through…

The Lord Shall Go Before You

We all need to develop a deeper confidence in God’s promises. Everything is in God’s hands. God will always order circumstances to meet our needs. If you’re battling something that is causing you fear in life – here’s a passage that can fill your heart with hope and confidence.

How to Overcome Life’s Stresses

When events occur that seemingly cannot be explained, we are tempted to wonder if God cares. How can we remain secure in our faith when the day to day stress occurs in our lives?

Our God Never Sleeps

God is not an unconcerned spectator. Never lose sight of God.

God’s Work in This World

There are many ideas as to how much God is involved in the world. Is He working now? If He is, why does He allow evil? We can know of His providential care for us. God is looking out for our physical and spiritual welfare. God is working by maintaining all things and bringing about the fulfillment of His eternal purpose.