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The Plans I Have for You

God’s Plans for You Are Good

Motives Matter

Your daily speech and conduct matters. How you act and speak plays a large role in one of two things: (1) Leading someone to Jesus and their embracing God’s grace through salvation, or (2) Hampering someone’s openness to Jesus and the gospel message. Those who are lost can be very touched by the way that…

Perfection and Progress

You don’t have to be perfect, you need to be committed to making progress. You don’t have to worry that one sin will keep you out of heaven.

Consider the Lilies of the Field

There is nothing we can choose in this world that will ever compare to the way God clothes us.

The Body of Christ Glorifies God

What is the ultimate purpose of salvation? To bring glory to God. How does the church glorify God through seizing His power for living?