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Blessed a Hundredfold

Seeing the blessing of the church

How Jesus Loves His Church

Treating God’s church with honor & respect

The Body of Christ Glorifies God

What is the ultimate purpose of salvation? To bring glory to God. How does the church glorify God through seizing His power for living?

Seeing the Value of Our Church Family

In today’s culture, many have begun to place a low emphasis on church involvement and church membership. Some have hardly any idea as to what it means to be part of a spiritual family – the family of God. Coming to Christ is coming to the church. Any idea of experiencing salvation without belonging to a local church is foreign to the New Testament. If Jesus values His Church, so should we.

I Will Build

Today we will examine God’s true purpose and design for His ekklesia….His redeemed group of humanity…who live for Him and not for themselves.