Tag: Thankfulness

An Attitude of Thankfulness

Everything God gives us is by His mercy. How will you respond? See Psalm 116.12. Because of what God has done, we should be driven by the staggering mercies of God to worship Him day in and day out. How much is thankfulness a part of your life?

The God Who Provides

Today we will learn about who God really is. Our perception about Him is so important. God has always blessed us lavishly. He is not miserly or begrudging. He finds joy in giving us the blessings we enjoy. Matthew 7.11 – God loves to give good things to those who ask.

Home Wreckers: Three Ways Satan Can Destroy Your Family

Today, we will contrast Satan’s plan of destruction with God’s plan of success. Ephesians 5.18-21 contains truth that must become a part of our life.