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Pleasing God: Our Greatest Ambition in Life

A Servant’s Heart Pt .4

Love Exemplified

In John 13, Jesus is with the 12. They’re alone in an upper room. Celebrating the passover feast. John 13-17 has been called the final legacy of Jesus to His own. These chapters are incredible in that they are completely loaded with promises for those who love Jesus.


13.1 – Notice how…

Knowing How to Lose

The foundation of Christian servanthood

The Ultimate Servant

In 2013 a study was revealed in the journal Psychological Science that compared over 1 million books, looking at how word usage has changed over the last two hundred years. Today, words like give and help are used far less than choose and get. Now, concepts surrounding “self-discovery” and “self-empowerment” are all the rage. It…

Calling All Clay Pots

Every Christian has received a gift from God. Each of us has a special job – some special work of God’s grace in our life.