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Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

Psalm 100 teaches us about entering worship with thanksgiving and praise.

Preparing for Worship

Reverencing God – Preparing for Worship

Our Holy Calling

God has called you to lead a holy life. How will you respond?

God is a Consuming Fire

We must resist the desire to clean God up for greater consumption. The imagery the prophets used to describe our God has been put there for a purpose: to make people tremble and rend their hearts. Today we will consider two passages: Psalm 99 and Hebrews 12.28-29. Our God is an awesome God. He comes…

What Does God Really Want?

We’ve just wrapped up a season of mowing. This year, did your yard consist more of grass or weeds? It’s a real challenge to eliminate weeds. Think of dandelions. They’re Hearty. They’re the picture of persistence. Today, you will be asked to examine yourself as to what type of heart you possess. You’ll see the type of disposition you need if you are to effectively resist the constant encroachment of the world into your life.