Tag: Resurrection

No Reason to Doubt

Today, we’ll look at the story of Thomas in John 20. Out of Jesus’11 appearances after the resurrection, John selects only 3. John 20 contains interaction with Mary Magdalene, the disciples, and Thomas. Why should we have no reason to doubt Jesus’resurrection?

The God of Hope

Romans 15.1-13 covers the basis for Christian unity and togetherness. This is all based on the saving work of Jesus, 15.8. God sent Jesus to validate His truthfulness and give mercy to the Gentiles. He wants to fill our lives with peace and joy, causing us to abound in hope. Do you abide in this hope?

The Second Birth of Jesus

Though His initial birth was important, I wish to focus our attention this morning on His second birth. What is this second birth? What does it mean for you and me?