Tag: Patience

The Reason for Our Hope

What does it mean to give an answer for the hope that is within? What is our hope? How can we stand fast in an increasingly dark world?

Dealing With Difficult Brethren

Admonishing, Encouraging, Helping, and Exercising Forebearance with brethren.

The Lord Shall Go Before You

We all need to develop a deeper confidence in God’s promises. Everything is in God’s hands. God will always order circumstances to meet our needs. If you’re battling something that is causing you fear in life – here’s a passage that can fill your heart with hope and confidence.

The God Who Provides

Today we will learn about who God really is. Our perception about Him is so important. God has always blessed us lavishly. He is not miserly or begrudging. He finds joy in giving us the blessings we enjoy. Matthew 7.11 – God loves to give good things to those who ask.