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A Faith That Spans Generations

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Three Ways You Can Build a Godly Family

The family is under grave attack in our culture. In some cases, the very foundation of the American family is cracking under extreme social pressure. Many of today’s families experience heavy stress. How can we effectively deal with it? How do we successfully raise families today?

God and the Family

Gone are the days where we can assume society understands what the definition of marriage and family are. Cultural understanding of the Biblical principles regarding this is fading more and more with each passing decade. So…what does Scripture say? And..what was the dominate worldview in our culture up to 60 years ago? Can the family be saved?

Priorities in the Home

If we fail to recognize God properly, our spiritual lives will falter. We can take God’s blessings for granted. Israel got their priorities mixed up and neglected God’s providential care and continual blessings. See Isaiah 29.13; 1.11-14 and Matthew 15.8-9. There is a need for us to instill godly values in our kids. If we don’t –we know that depressing consequences can result. Here are three reminders to help you as you raise your kids.

God In Our Schools

Ours is a nation running from God. It’s seen throughout the culture. We are failing future generations by rearing them with a secular background. This will be the nation’s undoing if left unchecked. Unless godly people act now, our nation will reap the whirlwind, Hosea 8.1-4, 7-8. Today, we want to take a look at the systematic removal of God from American schools.