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Love Exemplified

In John 13, Jesus is with the 12. They’re alone in an upper room. Celebrating the passover feast. John 13-17 has been called the final legacy of Jesus to His own. These chapters are incredible in that they are completely loaded with promises for those who love Jesus.


13.1 – Notice how…

Unconditional Love

Part 2 in the series on strengthening family relationships

I Will Live By Faith

What’s the message of Hebrews? The Superiority of Christ. In every way… On the basis of this teaching, the readers were encouraged to respond, 10.19. Today’s text tells us how they were to respond: in faith (10.22), hope (10.23), and love (10.24). Those who strive to be vessels of honor will find these indicators in their life.

God is a Consuming Fire

We must resist the desire to clean God up for greater consumption. The imagery the prophets used to describe our God has been put there for a purpose: to make people tremble and rend their hearts. Today we will consider two passages: Psalm 99 and Hebrews 12.28-29. Our God is an awesome God. He comes…

Jesus Wept

It is really the greatest news that has ever come into this world. Death is not the end. Today’we’re going to examine the story of Lazarus being raised from the death. There are some comparisons we can make with this and our own story of salvation.