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The Breastplate of Righteousness

Armor of God pt. 3

Preparing for Worship

Reverencing God – Preparing for Worship

Motives Matter

Your daily speech and conduct matters. How you act and speak plays a large role in one of two things: (1) Leading someone to Jesus and their embracing God’s grace through salvation, or (2) Hampering someone’s openness to Jesus and the gospel message. Those who are lost can be very touched by the way that…

How to Walk by the Spirit

Walking by the Spirit is accomplished by allowing our mind to be dominated and saturated by the things of the Spirit.

The Message in Our Minds

Today,… we’ll go back to Exodus 28, examining an important article of High Priestly clothing: the headpiece. Then… we’ll make three important applications.


28.36 – Starts with the most important part.

A plate of pure gold with an inscription engraved: “Holy to the Lord.”
The inscription emphasized the sacred…