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Living With God

What will heaven be like?


Our Marvelous Hope

Focusing on Jesus as our Hope for Heaven

Heavenly Perspectives

For Paul, eternity was the focus of his life. This is illustrated throughout Philippians. It was about pursing the prize. That is, the expectation and hope of the coming of Jesus who will change us to be like Him. In Philippians 3.20 we find that our citizenship is in heaven. Is it the focus of…

The Vision of Heaven

How much is heaven on your mind? A few Christians seem to be more intent on laying up treasures on earth rather than heaven. It doesn’t have to be this way. Can you identify with these passages from Psalms? Psalm 73.25-26; 42.1-2; 73.28. The desire to see God, be in His presence, to enjoy Him forever – should be on our hearts.


A Place For You

Today, we will briefly revisit John 14, look at some high end principles, and make some applications for us.