Tag: Faith

Teach God

In 2 Peter 2.5, Noah is identified as a herald of righteousness. Before God sends Jesus in final judgment, His sons and daughters have a responsibility to stand up and teach. Today, we’ll see the urgent responsibility that lies before us.

Adorning the Spirit Within

The natural result of surrender (Galatians 2.20) is walking by the Spirit (Galatians 5.16). Walking by the Spirit has an affect on our mindset. It transforms our attitude on the desires of the flesh, 5.16b-17. It frees us from the condemnation of law, 5.18. It goes to work inside our mind: producing fruit that is revealed externally, 5.22-25.

How to Change Your Thinking

What role does your thinking play in your life? What are God’s expectations for how Christians think? How can you learn to think more optimistically?

Consider the Lilies of the Field

There is nothing we can choose in this world that will ever compare to the way God clothes us.

I Will Live By Faith

What’s the message of Hebrews? The Superiority of Christ. In every way… On the basis of this teaching, the readers were encouraged to respond, 10.19. Today’s text tells us how they were to respond: in faith (10.22), hope (10.23), and love (10.24). Those who strive to be vessels of honor will find these indicators in their life.