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When God’s People Pray

There is power when God’s people pray together.

Qualities of Real Discipleship (2)

A Genuine Disciple Chooses the Lord

Life As God Intends

God has a vision for you. See Romans 8.28-29. Philippians 3.20-21 . The work of transformation is completed from the inside out. John 10.10b – this is what Jesus intended when He said what He did here. Christian living is abundant living. It is something we should experience. How can you discover your purpose in life and live life as God intended?

The God of Hope

Romans 15.1-13 covers the basis for Christian unity and togetherness. This is all based on the saving work of Jesus, 15.8. God sent Jesus to validate His truthfulness and give mercy to the Gentiles. He wants to fill our lives with peace and joy, causing us to abound in hope. Do you abide in this hope?

Jesus: Our Divine Advocate

Both love and justice are equally satisfied in God’s plan of salvation. Today, we will discuss how this happens in detail.