Tag: Compassion

Jesus Wept

It is really the greatest news that has ever come into this world. Death is not the end. Today’we’re going to examine the story of Lazarus being raised from the death. There are some comparisons we can make with this and our own story of salvation.

The Good Shepherd

Jesus is the only true shepherd. He is the good shepherd who really cares for His sheep. This stood in great contrast to the Jewish leaders who cared only for themselves. For them, it was all about personal gain, prestige, power, and prominence. What does it mean when Jesus says He is the true Shepherd and the Door?

Welcome Home!

God can’t wait to welcome us home. It’s the place He’s prepared. One of the most beautiful stories in Scripture that illustrates this is found in Luke 15.19-24. The vigilance of God is always there. God is always, always holding out for the salvation of lost souls. Why? He wants as many in Heaven that will come.

Power Up: The Energy That Runs Your House

Today we want to focus on Philippians 2.1 and the activity of God toward His children. What happens when we allow God to dwell inside us? These answer is seen in the four things mentioned in this verse.