The Superiority of Christ

Today’s lesson comes from Romans 5.12-21. There are only two persons who have lived on this planet whose actions have effected every person who has ever lived. Adam brought death. Jesus brought life. God moved to preserve mankind from eternal death by Jesus’ one work of death on a cross and resurrection from an empty tomb. Today we’ll learn that although the consequences of Adam’s sin are powerful, the work of Jesus completely overpowered it, freeing us from death and giving us life.


  1. Three things we can learn from 5.12:
    1. 5.12a – Through one man sin entered the world.
    2. 5.12b – Death entered the world through sin.
    3. 5.12c – Death spread to all men – because all sinned.
  2. 5.13-14 – Death reigned.
    1. It affected even those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam.
    2. Infants, who are innocent of sin, sometimes die.


  1. 5.15 – The Effectiveness of One Mans Act.
  2. Focus on trespass vs. gift.
  3. See the “language of abundance.”
    1. 5.15b – the grace of that one man Jesus Christ abounded for many.
    2. 5.16 – the gift covers many trespasses.
    3. 5.17 – abundance of grace
  4. Death came by Adam, but it’s power can be broken. See 2 Timothy 1.10.
  1. 5.16 – The Extent of One Mans Act
    1. Adam’s one sin led to condemnation for all.
    2. Christ’s one act can forgive many trespasses.
  2. 5.17 – The Efficacy of One Mans Act.
    1. There was a great difference of results between each of these persons’
      1. Adam: death reigned.
      2. Christ: reign of life.
    2. Grace overpowers the consequence of sin.
  3. 5.18-19 – The Essence of One Mans Act.
    1. The essence or essential nature of Adam’s act: disobedience.
    2. The essence or essential nature of Christ’s act: obedience. See John 6.38.
  4. 5.20-21 – The Energizing Force of One Mans Act.
    1. What energizes sin? Law.
    2. The law’s only purpose: to identify sin. It tells us how much we need Christ.
    3. 5.20b – As sin increased, grace abounded all the more


  1. We’re all sinners who deserve death.
  2. Thank God for His desire to preserve us from eternal death. Do you know Him?

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