Rest for the Weary

During December, we’ve been talking about hearing and heeding the voice of Jesus. We’ve covered texts in John 1 and Luke 9. Today, we will look at another invitation of Jesus: this one in Matthew 11.25-30. Maybe you have part of this text memorized. It is a beloved text. The key to understanding: know what Jesus is offering: Rest. (Salvation)

I. 11.20-24 – THE CONTEXT:

    1. Jesus’ words were known to everyone: He is the Messiah.
      1. Yet, the nation doesn’t believe. Many are willfully denying their Messiah.
      2. 11.20-24 – Woes are pronounced on Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum.
    2. 11.25 – at that time Jesus declared, … this is an open declaration. An invitation.

II. 11.25-26 – HUMILITY:

  1. What are the things that have been hidden from the wise and understanding?
  2. The things that pertain to the kingdom. Hidden for those who regarded themselves as wise. See John 12.37, 43. Wisdom/intelligence blinded by pride.
  3. Psalm 138.6 – it’s not intelligence that gets people into the kingdom, its humility!
    1. 11.25 – notice how Jesus thanks God for who He is and the way He is revealing the message. The Father is in charge.
    2. 11.25b – things pertaining to the kingdom have been revealed to little children.
    3. Psalm 34.2; Proverbs 22.4; Isaiah 57.15: humility is where salvation begins.


  1. Jesus affirms His deity. My Father.
  2. All things have been handed over…Everything pertaining to divine life.
  1. Because He possessed all the qualities of God – only the Father really knew Him.
    1. 11.27a – All things have been handed over to Me by My Father. Two things here:
    2. 11.27b – no man knows the Son except the Father.
    3. 11.27c – No one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.

IV. 11.28a – REPENTANCE:

    1. 11.28 – Come unto Me all who labor and are heavy laden.
    2. Labor: work to the point of exhaustion, absolute fatigue.
    3. Heavy laden: Someone dumped a load on you & now you’re carrying it.
    4. This is a call to repentance. It’s a call to those who dissatisfied & will turn to God.

V. 11.28b – FAITH:

    1. Where your faith is aimed? Jesus. Come unto Me, ..I will give you rest.
    2. Come unto Me = believe in Me. Come is the equivalent to believe.
    3. When we act on our faith – it is with a humble heart that submits to God.

VI. 11.29-30 – SUBMISSION:

    1. 11.29 – Take my yoke up on you. There is submission involved in salvation.
    2. In Jewish culture, the concept of a yoke was transferred to a pupil w/His teacher.
    3. Jesus: Take my Yoke and learn from me. He’s calling for discipleship.


    1. 11.29b – For I am gentle and lowly in heart. Jesus is not oppressive.
    2. 11.29c – and I will give you rest. Rest. Sweet rest. Salvation. Will you come?

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