Priorities in the Home

If we fail to recognize God properly, our spiritual lives will falter. We can take God’s blessings for granted. Israel got their priorities mixed up and neglected God’s providential care and continual blessings. See Isaiah 29.13; 1.11-14 and Matthew 15.8-9. There is a need for us to instill godly values in our kids. If we don’t –we know that depressing consequences can result. Here are three reminders to help you as you raise your kids.

I. Training them up involves more than “taking them to church.”

  1. Again, God did not tell the church to train children –He told parents to do it!
    1. Ephesians 6.4 –not addressed to the church/elders/bible class teachers.
    2. Same with Deuteronomy 6.6-7 and Proverbs 22.6.
    3. Note what the child is told in Pro. 6:20-23.
  2. Parents are entrusted with a great gift and noble task.
  3. There is more to it than just “taking them to church!”

II. 3 Hours of Bible teaching per week isn’t enough.

  1. Be aware of the types of media your kids are consuming.
  2. Involves taking time to talk to & encourage them & motivate them to do good.
  3. A child’s acquaintance with God should primarily be outside the church building. If you child thinks only of God at the church building, it’s not good!

III. Money and Career Aren’t the Most Important Thing.

  1. Too many parents make money/careers the most important thing in the home.
  2. Pro. 31 –worthy woman had business dealings outside the home–but texts suggested she was primarily interested in her home & family.
  3. Titus 2.5
  4. Biblical priorities have been thrown out in many cases. Families now place money & the acquisition of new things as top priorities.
  5. Proverbs 11.4; 15.16-17
  6. What do kids need? Plenty of time with godly parents!


  1. Our children need a lot of training.
  2. God has given us the opportunity & the responsibility. Let’s not fail to give it.


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