Preparing for Worship

Have you flown somewhere lately? Have you ever considered how much people on an airplane and someone in the pew have in common? Both are on a journey. Both are well behaved and presentable. Both often describe their experiences as “good.” Both are usually content just to be there. How many of us are seeking more from worship? Worship is not about endurance as much as it is about experience.

I. ECCLESIASTES 5.1a – Getting Ready to Meet God:

  1. Ecclesiastes 5.1a – Guard your steps.
    1. Proceed with reverence. Come with care and caution. Dignity and respect.
  2. Exodus 3.1-5 – focus on 3.5. Moses was on holy ground and he knew it.
  3. 2 Samuel 6. David’s desire: Make worship a central piece of national life in Israel.
    1. Everything about the ark required it be handled with care – exactly as God prescribed. Uzzah’s story drives that home. Approaching God carelessly is not something you want to do.
    2. As you read 2 Samuel 6, as the people worshipped before the ark, it is clear they were worshipping before the Lord. See 2 Samuel 6.5, 14, 16, 17, 21 (2 x).

II. ECCLESIASTES 5.1b-2: Listen to God:

  1. Ecclesiastes 5.1b-2 ESV. NLT 5.1b. It is evil to make mindless offerings to God.
    1. When we come to worship – we come to meet with God.
    2. His agenda is to meet with us. We would do very well to let Him do the talking.

III. ECCLESIASTES 5.2b – Humble Yourself Before God.

  1. 5.2b – this is a statement of perspective – not distance. Vertical, not horizontal.
  2. God is God and we are not. God is in heaven and you are on earth.
  3. Isaiah 6.1. Imagine the scene. See God reigning in power, wisdom, and love.
    1. What’s our response? Awe.
    2. Consider this: in worship we not only view of the throne of God, but we get a view from the throne of God.

IV. ECCLESIASTES 5.4-5 – Mean What You Say With God:

  1. 5.4-5: Keep your word. A vow must be kept. Pay what you vow.
  2. What promises have you made and not kept?
    1. When we make a vow to God, He doesn’t forget. It’s deadly serious.
    2. When you go to worship, its better not to vow at all – than to fail to keep your word with God.

V. ECCLESIASTES 5.7 – Take God Seriously:

  1. 5.7: “Fear God” means holy awe and respect. Take God seriously.
  2. God is not our buddy or pal.
    1. He is the eternal God of the universe.
    2. Entering God’s presence is not a joking matter. It’s serious business.


  1. Will you take His seriously today by becoming His child? All things are ready.

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