Power Up: The Energy That Runs Your House

Today we want to focus on Philippians 2.1 and the activity of God toward His children. What happens when we allow God to dwell inside us? These answer is seen in the four things mentioned in this verse.

I. 2.1a – Encouragement in Christ.

  1. Wording here – suggests to come alongside and help someone.
  2. How much have you received? Been given?  Shouldn’t this motivate you to respond in faithful trust?
  3. Your spiritual life in Christ should be characterized by a very personal response to a very personal relationship.

II.  2.1b – Comfort From Love.

  1. Think of how you have experienced the tenderness of God.
  2. ESV: comfort.  NASU: consolation.
    1. Denotes tenderness. Think of someone coming close and whispering in your ear.
    2. Think of friendship….tender love.
  3. We’ve received it. Now let’s live it.

III.  2.1c – Participation in the Spirit.

  1. We have received the Spirit. You:
    1. Have received all His benefits and been sealed by Him – Ephesians 1.13.
    2. Have been guaranteed our eternal inheritance by the Spirit – Ephesians 1.14.
    3. Have been prayed for on behalf of the Spirit – Romans 8.26.
    4. Have had intercession made for us by the Spirit – Romans 8.27.
    5. Have been given the Word of God – 1 Corinthians 2.9-11.

IV. 2.1d – The Spirit Gives us Affection and Sympathy.

  1. Affection is longing.  Think of it.  Romans 8.26-27 – see the affection of the Spirit in action.
  2. Do you view God in this aspect?
    1. God is not cold and indifferent. He does not function like a machine.
    2. It is a relationship.
  3. The Spirit is a Person who lives within us.  He longs for our good. He is not an impersonal force that is unconcerned with who we are.
  4. Think of the word sympathy for a minute. (compassion)


  1. God wants to dwell in you. He wants to encourage, exhort, minister, give grace, and bring comfort, cheer and blessing.
  2. Will you let Him do that?
  3. God is drawing you to Him.

Will you surrender to Him?


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