Pioneer of Salvation

Let’s look at Hebrews 2.9-18. Jesus is the only Savior and He is the perfect Savior. He is the only one who can save us from our sins. He is the only one who can rescue us from hell and eternal death.

I. 2.9 | Jesus is the Perfect Substitute:

  1. 2.9 – He tasted death for everyone. See the humiliation.
    1. He was…for a little whilemade lower than the angels. There’s more:
    2. He went all the way to the suffering of death. See Philippians 2.7-8.
  2. Die. For what? What was the purpose of His humiliation?
    1. 2.9 – so that he might taste death for everyone.
    2. 2.9 – Grace is the motive for His death.
  3. And it wasn’t just any death. It involved the ultimate shame.
  4. All of this led to His being crowned with glory and honor. Philippians 2.9; Revelation 5.9-14.

II. 2.10 | The Perfect Sovereign:

  1. 2.10 – the founder of our salvation has been made perfect through suffering.
  2. Founder: “pioneer”or “trailblazer.”
    1. Someone who opens up new territory. Starts a new city.
    2. Jesus is the founder of our salvation – opening up the way to God.
  3. 2.10 – this all fit inside God’s plan. He wants to bring many sons to glory.

III. 2.11-13 | The Perfect Sanctifier:

  1. 2.11 – We’ve been made righteous – holy – set free from sin.
    1. 2.11b – Because of this, He is not ashamed to call us brothers.
    2. 2.12-13 – These verses picture Jesus speaking to His Father about His brothers.
      1. Recently read that before the cross, Jesus never called His followers brothers.
        1. He called them disciples. Friends. Sheep. But never brothers.
        2. Now, after His death – brothers. See Matthew 28.10.
      2. It’s only possible to be a brother of Christ when your sins have been paid for.

IV. 2.14-15 | The Perfect Conqueror:

  1. 2.14 – we don’t have to fear death.
    1. 2.15 – Satan loves to use it as a tool against us. Why? Death is final. 9.27-28.
  2. Through Jesus, God has broken the power of death.

V. 2.16-18 | The Perfect Sympathizer:

  1. 2.16-17 – We are weak, frail, and fragile.
    1. 2.18b – He understands. He’s our Savior.
    2. 4.15- He understands us. He knows what we need.


  1. Focus on these things as you commune with the Lord this morning.
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