Our Mission in an Upside Down World

We’ll start today’s lesson by looking at a striking parallel. Indeed nothing is new under the sun. Then we’ll look at how God equipped Jeremiah to stand in such an upside down world. These three ways are the same way we can stand today and move forward by faith.


    1. 5.20-25. Listen to how the people of God look at creation.
    2. 5.22-23 – Look closely.
      1. God places the sand as the boundary of the sea.
      2. 5.23 – Judah has a stubborn and rebellious heart. They have turned aside and gone away.
      3. Humans break all the boundaries. We can’t be held in check.
    3. This is the situation God placed Jeremiah. A nation sliding fast into oblivion.


    1. Remember, we are on a divine mission.
      1. Jeremiah 1.4-5 – God appointed him as a prophet to the nations.
      2. 1 Peter 2.9 – What is our mission? Has God, by His providence, called you to speak up and speak out?
      3. Jeremiah 1.6-7 – See God’s provision for Jeremiah. He will provide for us.
      4. Jeremiah 1.8-9 – God protected Jeremiah, so he will us.
      5. Jeremiah 1.10 – Jeremiah had the real power.
    2. Our Message Must be Direct.
      1. Jeremiah 14.7 – Indicts the nation itself.
      2. 2.12-13 – Confronted false religion.
        1. 5.30-31 – Confronts the spiritual leadership. They were deceivers.
        2. 23.11-14 – Spiritual leaders were immoral.
      3. 3.23-25 – Addressed sexual perversion.
      4. 11.8-10 – Addressed their rejection of Scripture.
    3. A soft heart.
      1. 13.17 – This is God weeping through the eyes of Jeremiah.
      2. 9.17-19 – May we see it is real people with eternal souls we are working with.


    1. Jeremiah was given a divine message. It was direct. And, it was deeply emotional.
      1. 7.23-24 – what was the result? Talk about discouraging.
    2. You may ask, why do this if hardly anyone will listen?
      1. 24.4-7 – A few will hear, heed, and be saved.
      2. There has always been a remnant of God’s people who will be saved.
    3. Do you believe?

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