Love Exemplified

In John 13, Jesus is with the 12. They’re alone in an upper room. Celebrating the passover feast. John 13-17 has been called the final legacy of Jesus to His own. These chapters are incredible in that they are completely loaded with promises for those who love Jesus.


  1. 13.1 – Notice how John 13 begins. It’s an expression of love.
    1. “Love” is used 34 times in 20 different verses in John 13-17.
    2. We must understand what love is and how to demonstrate it.
  2. 13.1 – having loved to the end… This means love “to the max, full, eternally, infinitely, immeasurable, and inconceivable. What does this mean for us?

II. The Humility of Love

  1. True, biblical love is the foundation of a servant’s heart.
    1. It is full devotion to the well-being, blessing, and joy of the one loved.
    2. It’s a love without regard for any returning benefit. Love without reciprocation.
    3. It is 1 Corinthians 13.4-7 in action. 13.5b – Love does not insist on it’s own way.
  2. It’s what Jesus did on the cross. What does Philippians 2.5-8 teach? See also John 15.13. Greater love has no one than this…

III. John 13.2-11 – Love Exemplified

  1. 13.2 – they’re all reclining around the table eating the Passover meal.
    1. They all have dirty feet. It’s a very discourteous thing. Why did this happen?
    2. Luke 22.24 – they were arguing over who was going to be the greatest.
      1. He had every right to rebuke them. He could have just ripped them.
      2. Instead he just loves them. This is a model of how to love.
  2. 13.2b- It’s amplified: He was about the wash the feet of Judas.
  3. 13.3 – He knows who He is. He is absolute. He is eternal. He was going back to God.
  4. 13.4 – Jesus rose from supper. No-one has stepped up to wash feet. Total humility.
  5. 13.6-8a – Peter actually verbalizes what the others might have been thinking.
    1. 13.6 – Peter objects. 13.7 – Jesus answers. You don’t get it. Not yet.
    2. 13.8a – Peter verbalizes it. “Never shall you wash my feet.”
  6. 13.8b – Jesus replies: If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.
    1. 13.9 – Why Peter’s drastic shift to the opposite extreme?
    2. 13.8b – Is there a spiritual application? See Titus 3.5-7; Colossians 2.11-14
    3. There’s more. There is no salvation in any other name but Jesus. John 14.6.
  7. 13.10a – Peter, you don’t need another bath, you just needed your feet washed.
    1. 13.10b – spiritual application: And you are clean. Peter was saved.
    2. 13.10c-11 – But Judas wasn’t. Not all of you are clean.

IV. 13.12-17 – Love Commanded

  1. 13.15b – you also should do just as I have done to you… Love like this.
  2. 13.15a – I have given you an example. It’s a call to love.
  3. 13.17a – “If” = “since.” Since you know these things… blessed are you… if you do them.


  1. As a servant, this is God’s personal expectation for you.
  2. Psalm 119.1 – Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!

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