Life As God Intends

God has a vision for you. See Romans 8.28-29. Philippians 3.20-21 . The work of transformation is completed from the inside out.  John 10.10b – this is what Jesus intended when He said what He did here. Christian living is abundant living. It is something we should experience. How can you discover your purpose in life and live life as God intended?

The Secret of Living is Fruit-Bearing.

  1. John 15.5b – Apart from Me, you can do nothing. It’s about Jesus. Not us.
  2. Life in Him involves bearing fruit.
    1. Hebrews 13.15 – praise.
    2. Galatians 5.22-23 – various qualities of new life are listed here.
    3. But there are two other fruits that will appear as we grow in Christ.
      1. Holiness. Jesus is Holy. We must practice holiness.
      2. Work to bring about more branches, (evangelism).

The Secret of Fruit Bearing is Abiding.

  1. Abide is a surrender of will. It is a matter of contentment.
  2. What insures your continued abiding?
    1. 15.7 – allowing the words of Jesus to dwell inside us.
    2. Ongoing confession.
  3. How well are you abiding in Christ? Inspect yourself.
    1. Allow God to prune what needs to go.
    2. Is there a growing dependency on God in your life?
    3. Is there a growing love for Christ and others in your life?

The Secret of Abiding is Obeying.

  1. The branch goes where its vine goes. The branch grows when its vine grows.
    1. Titus 3.8, 14 – God has designed our works for our good.
    2. Psalm 148 – all of nature bows to God’s will.
  2. Obedience is the doing of God’s will, yielding our desires to His, John 4.34; 5.30.
  3. Matthew 25 – focus on the one talent man. (25.24) Why did he bury his talent?
  4. When we obey God, it grants us power we would not otherwise have.

The Secret of Obeying is Loving.

  1. Obedience out of fear only lasts as long as the punishment is imminent.
  2. Obedience for reward is slightly better.
    1. Love is the best motive of all: John 15.9-10; 14.15, 23-24.
    2. Love centers in persons – not things.
    3. Love is sacrificial.
    4. Love fulfills the law. See Romans 13.8, 10; James 2.8.

The Secret of Loving is Knowing.

  1. This is the key to abundant living. See John 15.14-15.
  2. Philippians 3.9b-11. Paul modeled himself after Jesus and mimicked His character.


  1. This is life. Abundant life.
  2. Do you know Him?


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