Leave the Porch Light On

It’s a privilege to work with a forward-minded church family that has a clear sense of what it is trying to accomplish by the power of God. Stop and consider the blessing of being a part of the church family that is at peace. We need to praise and thank God for our blessings.

Three important things about 1 Corinthians 3.9-17:

  1. Jesus laid a foundation, 3.11a.
  2. Jesus is the foundation, 3.11b.
    1. This is the only foundation on which a life can be built.
    2. Jesus is the only foundation:
      1. For the Church, Matthew 16.14-16.
      2. For your life, Matthew 7.24-25.
  3. The foundation controls the shape and quality of the building.

How to Build a Spiritual House.

  1. Trust God’s Design.
    1. God is all knowing. See Psalm 102.25b-27; Malachi 3.6; Isaiah 46.10.
    2. Nothing is hidden from Him – Revelation 2.23b.
      1. He knows those who belong to Him, Malachi 3.16-17.
      2. He knows every trial we face, Psalm 56.8.
    3. God is absolutely wise.
    4. We need to trust His design for our lives.
  2. We need to understand the value of what we are investing in.
    1. God wants your heart. See Psalm 40.2-6; 51.16-17.
    2. What is your attitude toward things? See Matthew 16.24-26.
    3. Counting the cost. Are you committed to adding these virtues?
  3. Use Good Construction Practices.
    1. Strong relationships. Ephesians 5.18-21.
  4. Build with an understanding of who wants to dwell with you.
    1. God wants to occupy your life. See Ezekiel 36.26-27.
    2. John 14.23 – what is the intention of the Father and Son?
    3. Embrace it. Welcome Him into your life. Walk in His ways. You’ll never be alone. Satan can’t touch you.
    4. 1 Peter 2.10-12 – it’s all about glorifying God.

Leave the Porch Light On:

  1. God has recreated you for a distinct purpose.
    1. Ephesians 1.5-6; 2.4-7 – you are a showcase for grace.
    2. Through these things, you point the way to Christ. You live out the teaching of Jesus – Matthew 5.16.
  2. You can make a difference! Your spiritual house can be a safe place for others, a place of encouragement, and rest. 2 Corinthians 2.14; Philippians 4.18.


  1. On what foundation are you building?
  2. 1 Corinthians 3.13-14 – one day there is a test coming. Are you ready?


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