Leave It All Behind

The call of salvation is evidenced by self denial, cross bearing, and submission. This stands in great contrast to the common view of Christianity taught by so many today. When times are good, the cost does not seem as high. People are prone to take the name of Christ without undergoing the radical transformation true conversion implies. We must count the cost.

I.  Leave Everything – Luke 9.23.

  1. 9.23 – Three essentials in being a true follower of Christ.
    1. Deny – literally: “to disown something.”
    2. Word used to describe “refusing association with someone; rejecting companionship.”
    3. Matthew 13.45-46 – The Kingdom is like a pearl of great price. Is Jesus that precious to you?
  2. Philippians 3.4-14 – Paul counted everything as loss.
    1. 3.7-8 – Skubalon – “excrement.”
    2. Paul gave up everything that was Paul. Thats the only way you come.
    3. Matthew 5.3-6 – Beatitudes – beginning of the sermon on the mount.
      1. These are the attitudes that understand how precious the forgiveness is – Psalm 34.18; 51.17; Isaiah 66.2b
      2. Jesus asks for a whole life commitment.

II.  Luke 9.57-58 – Leave the Desire for Personal Comfort Behind.

  1. Matthew 8.19 – It appears he is moving with the strongest commitment: I will follow you wherever you go.
  2. But yet, 8.20. Jesus knew the mans heart. Dont expect comfort and ease.
  3. It’s not about what we do when we get to Jesus – it is about what we are willing to give up.
  4. Matthew 10.16-18; 21-22 – following Jesus is not about comfort or ease.

III.   Luke 9.59-60 – Leave the Cares of This Life Behind.

  1. Luke 9.59 – Jesus turns to another man: “Follow me.”
    1. 9.59b – Let me first go bury my father… Sounds admirable on the surface…
    2. This man is saying he wasn’t going to leave until he received his inheritance.
    3. 9.60 – Leave temporal things to temporal people. Let the secular world take care of it’s own issues. Quit functioning on the wrong level – Colossians 3.1-2.

IV.  Luke 9.61-62 – Leave Family Behind.

  1. 9.61 – Third man approaches Jesus.
  2. 9.62 – Common proverb of Jesus’ day. You cant have a divided heart.
  3. Matthew 10.34-37.


  1. Will you leave it all behind? Have you counted the cost?
  2. Matthew 10.38-39 – it’s about losing your life.
  3. Have you entered a life of following Jesus?


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