Our Great Comforter

Today, we’ll be looking at 14.7-14. As Jesus continues to comfort His disciples, they are still struggling to comprehend everything that is happening. Do we experience the same? As we approach the difficult traverses and valleys of life – we can have difficulty understanding. What are three things we can remember to help us?

I. 14.7-11 | Jesus Declares Who He Is:

  1. 14.7a – If they really knew Jesus, they wouldn’t be worried about who the Father is.
  2. 14.8 – Philip’s words reveal his lack of knowledge.
  3. 14.9a – There almost has to be pain in Jesus’ heart here…
    1. 14.9b – is reinforced by other inspired writing:
      1. Hebrews 1.3 – Jesus is the exact imprint of God’s nature.
      2. Colossians 1.15 – Jesus is the image of the invisible God.
      3. Colossians 2.9 – Jesus has all the fullness of deity bodily.
    2. 14.10a – Here is the key to everything. We must believe.
    3. This is what Christianity is all about. Believing.
      1. Faith has evidence. Faith has support. 14.10b: I do not speak on my own authoritySee John 3.34; 7.16; 8.28; 8.38, 40; 12.49.
        1. What Jesus said was incredible. See John 7.46; Matthew 7.28.
      2. 14.10c – Words not sufficient? Jesus points to His works/miracles.
        1. 5.36; 10.25, 37-38

II. 14.12 | Jesus Declares His Power in Them.

  1. 14.12a – Those who believe on Christ – will do the works He does. Then…
  2. 14.12b – This will be true because…
    1. 14.12d – Jesus would be going to the Father.
    2. 14.12c – The disciples would do even greater works than Jesus. How?
  3. Now…Let’s make an application. His power is in us …through the Holy Spirit.
    1. While in a different measure – Christians today hold on to a promise. There is power inside us. Ephesians 3.20….
    2. How does that power indwell? The power of God’s word. Colossians 1.9-12.

III. 14.13-14 | Jesus Declares a Promise.

  1. 14.13-14 – Where do we go for resources?
    1. Jesus: whatever you need – you have it. See also Philippians 4.19.
      1. 14.13 – Notice the qualifier here: in my name.
      2. Prayer is not just about our selfish wants/desires.
    2. 14.14 – It’s just an amazing assurance.


  1. Lord…Increase our faith. Are you walking by faith and not by sight?


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