God In Our Schools

Ours is a nation running from God. It’s seen throughout the culture. We are failing future generations by rearing them with a secular background. This will be the nation’s undoing if left unchecked. Unless godly people act now, our nation will reap the whirlwind, Hosea 8.1-4, 7-8. Today, we want to take a look at the systematic removal of God from American schools.

Biblical Principles on Raising Kids.

  1. Psalm 127.1-5 – First of all – children are a heritage of the Lord. They are a reward and to be counted as a blessing – not a burden.
  2. Deuteronomy 6.4-9 – Great words for a family living inside a godless culture.
    1. 6.5 – Parents relationship with God should be defined by love.
    2. 6.6-9 – Children need spiritual and moral direction. Not inborn. This responsibility falls squarely on parents.
      1. Not the job of the school, government, media, or church.
    3. How these things play out in every day life:
      1. Unconditional love.
      2. Graceful discipline. Hebrews 12.11.
      3. Leading kids to prioritize spiritual responsibilities. Matthew 6.33.
      4. Imparting to kids the hope found only in Christ.

The World That Was: Schools Backed Up What Was Already being Taught at Home.

  1. Along with many other things going on in this great culture war, every effort is being made to eradicate all public references to God and Christianity.
  2. God was once everywhere in our public schools. Dave Miller in his DVD series The Silencing of God has gone to great length to document this.
    1. The first book in the American classroom was the Bible.
    2. The New England Primer.
    3. McGuffey Reader. The standard reading textbook of the 19th century.
    4. The Blue Back Speller – by Noah Webster.
  3. As we move into the early 20th century & middle of the 20th century – these things began to change. Many factors:
    1. Educational reform led by Horace Mann and John Dewey.
    2. Urbanization & immigration – creating cultural diversity… differing world views.
    3. Changes really began to gain ground in 1960’s.


  1. There will never be a substitute for the teaching that is to be done in the home.
    1. The time is now. Those with children in their home – or those with grandchildren who are being raised now – no time in our history has been more urgent in the need to raise our kids up to respect God.
    2. Psalm 128: As the family goes – so goes the nation. What’s going on in your family?


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