God and the Family

Gone are the days where we can assume society understands what the definition of marriage and family are. Cultural understanding of the Biblical principles regarding this is fading more and more with each passing decade. So…what does Scripture say? And..what was the dominate worldview in our culture up to 60 years ago? Can the family be saved?

The Origin of Family.

  1. 2.18 – The family is the basic building block of society.
    1. 2.18 is unique in the creation context.
      1. 1.4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25 – And God saw that it was good.
      2. 1.31 – Behold…it was very good.
    2. 2.18 – The end of day 6. One thing left that was not good.
    3. 2.20b…God made a distinction between Adam and the animals.
    4. 2.21-23 – These events take place at the end of Day 6.
    5. 1.28 – A single man could not fulfill this task…unless he had a companion.
    6. 2.24 – This is the pattern and purpose for every marriage hereafter.

This was the pattern American culture modeled until the late 1950’s.

  1. Traditionally, Americans were raised to appreciate love, life, and virtue.
  2. All these virtues were based on a Biblical context/foundation. Culture as a whole embraced these values.
    1. Exodus 20.12 – God wants children to honor their parents.
    2. Colossians 3.29 – Husbands to love wives.
    3. Ephesians 5.22 – Wives submit to husbands.
    4. Ephesians 6.4; Proverbs 22.6 – Parents to train their children in godly principles.
  3. These values were once reflected inside the culture.
    1. On our radio programs.
    2. In our TV shows and movies.
    3. In our art…
    4. This does not mean American culture prior to the 1960’s was perfect.
  4. Today, secular humanism is attacking the foundation of our values and worldview.


  1. Once…ours was a nation where God was real.
  2. Not anymore. We can return to what God wants – 2 Chronicles 7.14.
  3. As we close, I want you to think of God’s eternal family – the church.
    1. Are you part of God’s household?
    2. Do you know Him and the warmth of a relationship He provides?


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