Go and Sin No More

How did Jesus define His ministry? Before we get into John 8 – Let’s consider Luke 4.16; Matthew 9.10-13; and Matthew 11.28-30. This serves as a great back drop on John 8.1-11. What can we learn about this story?

I. John 7.1-8.1 – Understanding the Background.

  1. 7.14 – Jesus begins to teach in the temple. 7.28-30 – almost arrested.
  2. 7.37-44 – This is the last day of the feast – the greatest day of the feast.
  3. 7.53 – Everyone went to his own house. (It’s the end of the day).
    1. 8.1 – Jesus spent the night on the Mt. of Olives.
    2. 8.2 – Early the next morning, Jesus goes back to the temple to teach.

II. John 8.3-5 – The Trap.

  1. 8.3 – A throng drags in a woman bound in shame. Caught in adultery.
  2. 8.5-6a – Leviticus 20.10: Death penalty. How would Jesus respond?
    1. If Jesus said not to stone her, He violated the law.
    2. If Jesus said to stone her, He would lose His reputation as a friend of sinners.

III. The Heart of the Matter.

  1. How does God harmonize His justice with His mercy?
  2. Think of the contrast presented in Scripture.
    1. God is righteous: Isaiah 45.21; Amos 3.2.
    2. Yet, God is a God of forgiveness and mercy: Micah 7.18-20.

IV. John 8.6-11 – How Jesus Handles This.

  1. 8.6b – Jesus bends down and writes on the ground.
    1. 8.7a – They continued to ask. Persisted. Urgent. They want an answer. 8.7b.
    2. 8.8 – back to drawing on the ground.
  2. Jesus’point: The accusers themselves needed not to be subject to accusation.
    1. 8.9a – They begin to slither away.
  3. 8.9b – Who stayed? The woman. 8.10-11a – no one stayed to condemn her.
    1. 8.11b – Jesus: Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.


  1. How could she just go away and sin no more?
  2. He could tell her to go because He was going to die in her place – for her adultery. A life of thankfulness would move her to steer clear of sin.
  3. Look at the cross. See what He did there. …For you.
    1. You’ve been offered the opportunity to start life anew.
    2. Will you trust in Jesus for your salvation?


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