Four Blessings of a Christian Family

Today, we’ll examine how the opening verses of Philippians 2 connect to Philippians 1.27-30. Then, we’ll examine what could be defined as four driving motives for unity,  because the ultimate call here is for congregational together unity and togetherness.

I. Introductory Thoughts:

  1. The primary directive is first found in 1.27-28a. It is a call for congregational unity.
    1. 1.28b-2.1 – theological explanation for suffering.
    2. 2.2 – Here Paul gets back to the main thing. This not about doctrine, rather the focus is on relationships.
  2. Let’s focus on 2.1.
    1. “So,” ties this back to the suffering mentioned in 1.29-30. “If” should be understood as “since.”
    2. 2.1 really defines the blessings of being inside a Christian family.

I. Philippians 2.1a – Encouragement in Christ:

  1. 2.1a – If there is any encouragement in Christ…
    1. Encouragement means “to call to oneself,” “to give relief in comfort or affliction.”
  2. Think of ways in your life where Jesus has personally, consistently, and faithfully helped you. 2 Corinthians 1.5.
    1. We should respond in obedience and an overwhelming desire for unity.
    2. Why? John 13.34-35; 17.20-21.

II. Philippians 2.1b – Comfort From Love:

  1. 2.1b – If there is any …comfort from love…  From what? The struggles in 1.29-30.
  2. 2.1b – Comfort. NASU: Consolation. Literally: “to speak to someone, coming close to his side.”  Think friendship, tender, intimate love.
  3. Romans 5.1-5 – Everything we have is a gift of God’s love. He pours this into our heart through the Spirit.

III. Philippians 2.1c – Participation in the Spirit:

  1. 2.1b – If there is any …participation in the Spirit…  Think “sharing,” or “fellowship.”
    1. We each share in the spirit. See Galatians 3.3; 5.25.
    2. As we share in the Spirit, we also naturally have a sharing with one another.
  2. This teaches us that unity is not something we produce. It is a result of what the Spirit is doing in each of our lives.

IV. Philippians 2.1d – Affection and Sympathy

  1. 2.1b – If there is any …affection and sympathy… the Spirit longs for us with deeply felt affections. See Romans 8.26-27.
  2. With God, it’s personal. He longs for our good.
  3. The Spirit lives within us. He longs for our good. It is compassionate sympathy.


  1. Let’s join together and build our relationships, living inside our common love.
  2. It’s all about relationship. Do you know Jesus?

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