The Person of Jesus

June 2014 Sermon Series:

The Word Dwelt Among Us

John 1.14 has been called the greatest verse in the Bible. It certainly encapsulates the greatest truth in the Bible. The most unbelievably fantastic thing God ever did was become flesh and dwell among us. Today, we’ll examine John 1.1-18.


The Wedding at Cana

During June, we’re taking a look at the Person of Jesus. Who was this Man from Nazareth? How did He make manifest that He is the one? See 1.14. So, what happened at the wedding at Cana that manifested His glory?


Believe It or Not

Why did the Holy Spirit determine to include a short summary of the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus? The conversation can be divided into two parts: 3.1-10 – Salvation is by the work of God. 3.11-21 – How the new birth becomes reality.


Living Water

We could spend weeks in John 4. This chapter contains five great points in how we teach the lost. It teaches us about the necessity of breaking down racial, cultural, and other barriers Satan has erected to separate people. Let’s revisit the story. What’s significant about the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman?


The Bread of Life

Today, we’re going to look at John 6 and learn how Jesus is the bread of life.


Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

How do we enter God’s presence? Psalm 100 tells us how. We must examine and engage our ...

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