God’s Adornment

December 2014 Sermon Series:

Adorning the Doctrine of Christ

Some who lived on Crete professed to know God, but denied Him by their works. Instead of magnifying God, they had become a blight on the name of holiness and saving power of God. Paul didn’t want the Christians on Crete to live like these people Thus, we have the instruction in 2.1-10. Holy lives matter. They matter, because our entire purpose is to adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in every respect.


God’s Adornment: In Creation

Our God is amazing. We can trust His ways, because of the power of His word. Do you have the type of faith that trusts?


God’s Adornment: In the Garden

See the goodness of God in His creation. He provided everything mankind would ever need. Will we have the faith to trust Him?


God’s Adornment: In the Family

The foundation for marriage was determined by God and explained in Genesis 2.24-25. Will we adopt His principles for life?


Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

How do we enter God’s presence? Psalm 100 tells us how. We must examine and engage our ...

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