He Dwells With Us

October 2013 Sermon Theme:

Neighbors That Homeowners Dread

What’s the worst neighbor you’ve ever had? What’s your opinion of them? First impressions are very important. Your reputation, your influence is important and valuable. The scriptures teach how your influence is more valuable than precious ointment or even great wealth. How much thought do you give to what others see?


Facing Storms

There are similarities between the two houses in Matthew 7.24-27. The houses were alike in that they were in the same place. But, one builder was foolish. The other wise. The difference? The foundation of the home they built. This makes all the difference. Today we will see how we can occupy a structure that withstands every unexpected turn of life.


Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

How do we enter God’s presence? Psalm 100 tells us how. We must examine and engage our ...

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