Faith of Our Fathers: God and the Founding of our Nation

Would it be safe to say that America has seen profound changes in culture and morality over the last six decades? Humanism, atheism, evolution, liberalism, pluralism, and political correctness are aggressively attacking Christianity at every opportunity. As a nation…do we fear God? In some segments, we are a nation that is running away from God. We do so at our own peril.

I. Our Nation Once Openly Recognized God:

  1. For our first  150 years, our nation revered and honored God..
  2. This is not what our young people are being told. Today they hear:
    1. Founding fathers endorsed pluralism. That they were Deists not Christians.
    2. The founding fathers opposed public expression of Christian religion in connection with government.
    3. “God” is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,…so our founding fathers intended this to be a secular nation.
    4. Separation of Church and State.
    5. God is everywhere in the founding documents of our country. His influence and recognition by people is clearly seen in American culture until the 1950’s.
      1. 1776: Declaration of Independence.
      2. 1789: George Washington’s Thanksgiving declaration:
      3. 1954: One Nation Under God added to the Pledge of Allegiance
      4. Every President in his inaugural address has referred to the God of the Bible in his inaugural address…Washington to Bush.
      5. God is everywhere in our nation. He is in:
        1. Our government documents; On our coinage; In our national symbols.
        2. In the Presidential oath; In our national songs/hymns; At our cemeteries.
        3. Radical and powerful forces now seek to remove God from everything and everywhere.
          1. As we cut God out of our lives…so He will cut us out of His plans.

II. Righteousness Exalts a Nation.

  1. Proverbs 14.34.
  2. Don’t fall into the trap that all is well and we’ll be OK.
  3. It doesn’t have to be that way though – 2 Chronicles 7.14-15, 19-22.


  1. Our national sins cry out to God for justice.
  2. On which side will you be in this culture war?


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