Devoted to God

What is your role in our spiritual family? How can you grow individually to contribute to the strength of the group? Where do you begin? Acts 2.42 provides the answer. Individual growth begins with devotion to God. There are four things in this verse that express how the Jerusalem church was devoted to God. If we want to grow as a congregation, we need to follow their example.


    1. With the giving of the Spirit, Acts 2, apostles had been guided into all truth, John 16.13.
      1. Acts 2.42a – The early followers were devoted to apostolic preaching. They wanted to understand God’s will. Why?
      2. Acts 2.43 – they were struck with awe. Think fear.
        1. Every lost person today is just a heartbeat away from eternal damnation.
    2. So what about us? How strong is our desire/devotion to take advantage of opportunities to learn about God?


    1. They weren’t only concerned about their relationship with God, but others too.
      1. When we enter the church, we come into a family.
      2. Acts 2.44-47 – how did the early church have a sense of family? They knew how much they needed each other.
    2. Togetherness. We’re all on the same team.


    1. Acts 2.42 – Breaking of Bread – the Lord’s Supper is in view. This happened every first day of the week, Acts 20.7.
      1. What is the Lord’s supper to you? It is, an encounter with God. It’s purposeful.
      2. We’re not saved by our perfection – but God’s grace.
    2. The early church was devoted to the Lord’s Supper because they were devoted to grace.
    3. If we want to grow, we must never lose sight of what brought us here – grace, through the death of Jesus.


    1. Acts 1.13-14; 3.1; 4.23-31; 6.4; 12.5 – what was the practice of the early church?
    2. Acts 2.42 – They weren’t devoted to a ritual. They were devoted to the power of God.
      1. Ephesians 6.12-13 – the battle we face is spiritual. Let’s engage the spiritual to help us.
    3. If we would grow – we need to understand the power of God.
      1. Apart from His power, our vision plans are pointless.
      2. There is no growth apart from the hand of God.


    1. Growth begins with devotion to God.
      1. Ephesians 4.15-16 – how strong is your commitment to individual growth?
      2. You have a stake in the growth of our congregation. You have a role to play.
    2. How strong is your devotion?

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