What Did Demas Miss?

What was on the mind of Paul as he penned his last epistle? People. People were absolutely critical to everything he did. The better we understand how critical it is for us to work aside people – the more Christ can accomplish through us. As we study together today, we’ll take a look at one man who walked away. What happened to Demas and what did he miss.

4.10 – Meet Demas.

  1. 4.10 – Demas will forever be known as an unfaithful deserter. Contrast 4.9.
    1. Why does 4.10 begin with for? It’s an important word.
    2. Implication: Timothy summoned to do Demas’ work.
    3. Demas is also mentioned in Colossians 4.14 and Philemon 24.
    4. Paul had invested a great deal in him.Colossians 3.1-4 – this is our new reality. We must live from this mindset.
      1. His absence was noticeable. 4.10a – deserted me is very strong.
      2. Why did he leave?
        1. 4.10b – He was in love with this present world.
        2. Mark 4.5-6, 16-17 – Was his heart rocky soil?
        3. Mark 4.7, 18-19 – Was his heart weedy ground?
        4. Why Thessalonica? Not sure. Perhaps it was home. Not so much about where he went, as why he went. 1 John 2.15b.

What Did Demas Miss?

    1. He missed the understanding to live from an eternal perspective.
      1. There is a love for the world that makes ministry/service impossible. It does one of two things:
        1. It causes one to abandon spiritual service all together.
        2. It mixes in the worldly just enough to feel comfortable spiritually.
      2. He missed the extreme value of his spiritual family.
      3. When you look at people in your church family – what do you focus on first? Our differences? Or do you:
      4. Focus on what brings us together. What binds us together? Jesus!
      5. 4.9, 21a – Paul wanted Timothy’s presence. He longed for it. He often spoke this way: Romans 1.11; 15.23; Philippians 4.1; 1 Thessalonians 2.8.
      6. Good friends in the church can let you down and still be good friends.
        1. 4.11b – Mark.
        2. Luke – 4.11a. 4.21b – various brothers and sisters.
        3. 4.16b – May it not be charged against them.
        4. 4.21 – He sent their greetings in his letter.
        5. People are imperfect and let each other down. We don’t need be simplistic and unforgiving.


    1. So, how are you constructing your daily life?
    2. If you need to get started building, today is the day.
    3. See the importance of the eternal. Invite Jesus into your life.


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