Delight in the Law of the Lord

During November, we’ve been talking about developing an appreciation for God’s word. Jon Burnett started the month off out of Psalm 119. Last week, we were in Proverbs 22.17-21. Today, we’ll look at Psalm 1. How is your walk with God? Are you making the most out of it?


    1. How are you being influenced?
    2. 1.1 – In this verse, ungodly influences are described in three ways.
      1. They walk in the counsel of the wicked. This describes the direction we go.
      2. They stand in the way of sinners. We’re embracing what they say.
      3. They sit in the seat of scoffers. This implies a resting place.
    3. 1.2 – Godly influences:
      1. He/she delights in the law of the Lord.
        1. See 1 Peter 2.2-3 and Proverbs 22.17. Are you letting it speak to you?
      2. He/she meditates (on His law) day and night. Truth must be internalized.


    1. What are you becoming?
      1. 1.3 – Constantly refreshed and nourished. This happens in three ways:
      2. He/she yields (their) fruit in season. What is a fruitful person?
        1. They are refreshing to be around. They speak healing and helpful words.
        2. They help us move with conviction in our spiritual walk.
      3. He/she is durable. Their leaf does not wither. Planted in God’s word.
      4. He/she prospers. In all they do, they prosper.
    2. 1.4 – What are you becoming? Are you like the chaff that blows away? Or, are you becoming like a tree that has been planted by living waters?


    1. How will you be judged? There is a future destiny we will all be part of: the judgment. Will you be judged among the ungodly?
    2. 1.5a – the wicked will not stand in the judgment. They’ll be without excuse.
    3. 1.5b – In heaven, there is only one congregation… one that is righteous.
    4. 1.6 – Look ahead. How will you be judged?


    1. So, look around, look inside, and look ahead.
    2. Can you see the importance of God’s word? Is it influencing you?

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