The Cross: The Pinnacle of God’s Design

What is the main purpose for our redemption? God wants us to worship, praise and glorify Him throughout eternity. In the truest sense, Jesus died on the cross for the glory of God. Our salvation is secondary. Romans 11.33-36 – All of salvation is intended for the glory of God. Don’t look at the cross and only see Jesus. See God.  What can we learn about God’s grand design by looking at the cross?

I.  God Designed The Cross to Declare His Righteousness.

  1. A.    3.25. Also, read 3.21-22. How is righteousness obtained? Not from law, but faith.
  2. Old Testament background:
    1. Some developed the idea that God overlooked or even tolerated sin; Malachi 2.17; 3.14-16; Psalm 78.38.
    2. Romans 3.26: How can God be righteous and still justify the one who has faith in Jesus? Where are the wages for sin?
    3. 3.25 solves the problem. God’s justice was satisfied when Jesus died.
    4. Genesis 18.25b – Our God always does what is right.

II.  God Designed the Cross to Display His Grace.

  1. 3.26b-27a. God is the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. Boasting is…excluded.
    1. Our salvation is always all about God.
    2. In the cross, there is never room for self-congratulation.
    3. 3.27 – God has made the provision. Salvation is by the law of faith.
      1. Everything was designed by God and achieved through Jesus Christ. The cross is all grace. 3.24 – we accept the gift in faith.
      2. Boasting is eliminated because all the glory goes to God.
      3. Salvation is not about human achievement.
    4. 3.27 – Salvation by the law of faith. What type of faith do you possess? Is your faith real?

III.  God Designed the Cross to Demonstrate His Consistency.

  1. 3.29-30 – God has never had 2 systems of justification.
  2. There is only one way to be saved. It has always been by faith.
  3. God is absolutely consistent.
    1. Hebrews 1.1-2 – God speaks through His Son. We are to believe what He said.

IV.  God Designed the Cross to Demonstrate His Holiness.

  1. 3.31. Do we overthrow the law by this faith? In other words, Because salvation is by faith, do we nullify the law? By no means!
  2. Now…by the new life we’ve been given – we fulfill the law. See also Matthew 5.17.
    1. We aren’t saved to ignore law – we are saved to fulfill law. Psalm 119.97.
    2. The Law brings us to the cross. The law was never designed to save.
      1. It was designed to show you how sinful you are, Galatians 3.19; Romans 7.8-12.
      2. Now in Christ, the law shows us how to live.
      3. At the cross, law is confirmed in every way and the holiness of God is revealed.


  1. When we come to the cross, it is not all about us. It’s about God. We are saved to glorify Him. His divine plan causes all things to flow back to HIm – where His creation will be with Him throughout eternity. Revelation 21.7.
  2. Do you need to come to the cross?


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