Consider Yourself

In Galatians 6.1-6, Paul speaks of the need to help one another be spiritual. The most important pursuit of the believer is holiness. And that is not just for our own sake, but for the sake of usefulness to others. As believers, we have been called to minister to one another. Today’s text in Galatians 6 shows us how.


    1. 6.1a – Caught in a transgression:
      1. Snagged, trapped, bound by, or in bondage to.
      2. NASU: Trespass. ESV: Transgression. A stumbling or falling into sin.
    2. 6.1b – You who are spiritual. Refer back to 5.16, 18, 24-25.
    3. 6.1c – Restore. “To mend.” “To repair something that is damaged.”
      1. Matthew 12.20: A bruised reed he will not break… Jesus was gentle.
      2. John 8 – Woman caught in adultery. Jesus basically picks her up.
      3. 1 Thessalonians 5.14: Help; Hebrews 12.12: Lift; Galatians 6.1: Restore.
      4. How do we restore?
    4. 6.1d – in a spirit of gentleness.
      1. Those who are truly spiritual are never censorious, condemning, or judgmental. Why? Because they are looking at themselves.
      2. 6.1e: Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

II. 6.2-5 – HOLD THEM UP.

    1. 6.2 – Burden: “A load so heavy that one person cannot carry.” “A heavy load to be carried for a long distance.”
      1. We are to bear it. “To get under the load.” “To carry with endurance.”
      2. How? Prayer. Fellowship. Endurance.
      3. What happens when we do this? We fulfill the law of Christ. See 5.14.
    2. 6.3-4 – What to do while we hold them up.
      1. 6.3 – Sometimes we think we’re better than others.
      2. 6.4 – We always have the responsibility for self examination.
    3. 6.5 – For each one will have to bear his own load.
      1. Here, burden refers to the general issues of life. Our spiritual duties.
      2. Part of your spiritual responsibility is bear the burdens of others.


    1. 6.6: Good things: These are things of moral and spiritual excellence.
    2. Notice how we share together. A nurturing. Personal teaching.
    3. See: Romans 14.19; 1 Thessalonians 5.11, 15b; Ephesians 4.12; 2 Corinthians 12.19.


    1. How is your attitude toward the one who has fallen into a trespass? Will you lift them up? Hold them up? Build them up?

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