Consider the Lilies of the Field

Today, we begin the spring quarter by looking at a very general principle found in Matthew 6.28-30. We’ll see God’s desire to make us beautiful. We’ll end the lesson by probing our hearts with a very serious reality: There is nothing we can choose in this world that will ever compare to the way God clothes us.


  1. Matthew 6.28-30. Let’s take a look at the context.
    1. If we place our trust in God, first, He will take care of the rest of life.
  2. 6.26 – He takes care of the birds.
    1. 6.26b – Are you of not more value than they?
    2. 6.27 – Worry doesn’t accomplish anything.
  3. 6.28 – Now, focus on the lilies of the field.
    1. “Consider”: to learn carefully from.
    2. 6.29 – God adorns them with great beauty.
  4. These are things we take for granted.
  5. Psalm 19.1-4 – These things testify to His existence and greatness!


  1. Do you know the history of the word Hebrew?
    1. Akkadian Expression. It was a term largely of contempt, referring to fugitives, outlaws, or refugees.
    2. Egyptians certainly considered themselves superior – Genesis 43.32.
    3. Now read Ezekiel 16.5-7a; 8-13. What did God do with this nation of rejected and contemptible people?
  2. There’s a lesson here. See Colossians 1.21; Titus 1.15b-16.
    1. Remember Matthew 6? How God clothes the smallest things with beauty?
      1. If God can clothe these things, small, insignificant, and short-lived, what can He do with your life?
    2. Colossians 1.22 – God will make you: holy, blameless, and above reproach before Him.
  3. Isaiah 61.3, 6, 10-11 – See the contrasts presented here: (We’re looking for a spiritual application here through Christ)
  4. What’s the result? Psalm 72.18-19.


  1. What could we possibly choose in this world that will ever compare to the way God clothes us?
  2. 1 John 2.15-17. Must fight against the deluding influence of the world.
    1. The whole world is passing away, but God has placed us in a kingdom that abides forever.
  3. With what are you adorning yourself? The Lord’s garments? or the world’s?

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