Category: Genesis

God and the Family

Gone are the days where we can assume society understands what the definition of marriage and family are. Cultural understanding of the Biblical principles regarding this is fading more and more with each passing decade. So…what does Scripture say? And..what was the dominate worldview in our culture up to 60 years ago? Can the family be saved?

God’s Instructions to Noah

God has always moved for the preservation of man. How do we see this pattern in Scripture? God is always good.

God’s Adornment: In the Family

The foundation for marriage was determined by God and explained in Genesis 2.24-25. Will we adopt His principles for life?

God’s Adornment: In the Garden

See the goodness of God in His creation. He provided everything mankind would ever need. Will we have the faith to trust Him?

Live God

No matter how far the world goes, God’s people must make the decision to never waver. Will we seek God? Trust Him? Teach Him? Live for Him?