Category: Revelation

Living With God

What will heaven be like?


Making It Work at Kettering

We have the same tools today as the first century church did in church growth.

The Church at Laodicea

Why did the Laodicean church receive such a stunning rebuke?

The Vision of Heaven

How much is heaven on your mind? A few Christians seem to be more intent on laying up treasures on earth rather than heaven. It doesn’t have to be this way. Can you identify with these passages from Psalms? Psalm 73.25-26; 42.1-2; 73.28. The desire to see God, be in His presence, to enjoy Him forever – should be on our hearts.


You Can’t Sub-Contract Your Faith

Have you adopted your own faith? We must resist the urge to sub-contract our faith. Nothing can be more discouraging to others than when they see you participating halfheartedly.