Category: The Promises of Jesus

No Reason to Doubt

Today, we’ll look at the story of Thomas in John 20. Out of Jesus’11 appearances after the resurrection, John selects only 3. John 20 contains interaction with Mary Magdalene, the disciples, and Thomas. Why should we have no reason to doubt Jesus’resurrection?

The Vision of Heaven

How much is heaven on your mind? A few Christians seem to be more intent on laying up treasures on earth rather than heaven. It doesn’t have to be this way. Can you identify with these passages from Psalms? Psalm 73.25-26; 42.1-2; 73.28. The desire to see God, be in His presence, to enjoy Him forever – should be on our hearts.


Our Great Comforter

Today, we’ll be looking at 14.7-14. As Jesus continues to comfort His disciples, they are still struggling to comprehend everything that is happening. Do we experience the same? As we approach the difficult traverses and valleys of life – we can have difficulty understanding. What are three things we can remember to help us?