Category: Raising a Godly Family

Priorities in the Home

If we fail to recognize God properly, our spiritual lives will falter. We can take God’s blessings for granted. Israel got their priorities mixed up and neglected God’s providential care and continual blessings. See Isaiah 29.13; 1.11-14 and Matthew 15.8-9. There is a need for us to instill godly values in our kids. If we don’t –we know that depressing consequences can result. Here are three reminders to help you as you raise your kids.

God’s Divine Plan for Children

today it feels especially likely that upcoming generations will experience perilous times. Old Chinese Proverb: one generation plants the trees and another gets the shade. Today, we bask in the shade provided to us from earlier generations. But, are we planting trees for the next?

God’s Divine Plan for Husbands Pt. 2

In the home, God designed the husband as the head of the household. He is the leader. He is the one who is responsible for the success of marriage and family.

God’s Divine Plan for Husbands, Pt. 1

Ephesians 5 contains God’s design for marriage and family. Today, we will take an in-depth look at the command for husbands to love their wives in 5.25-27. With what type of love are husbands to love their wives?

God’s Divine Plan for Wives

God designed marriage to be the very best life has to offer. Marriage is God’s gift to mankind. God has made it so that we may find companionship, friendship, and respect. Success for marriage is built on obedience to God’s word and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Today we will look at God’s plan for wives.