He Cares For You

April 2014 Sermon Series:

A Heart for Everyone

Develop a deeper understanding of what it means that God is love.


The God Who Seeks

Luke 19.10 is the most important truth revealed in Scripture. God is the seeker and saver of those who are lost. It is His very nature. See Ezekiel 34.16a. Today, our mission is to carry out the Lord’s will – preaching the message of salvation. In our text, Jesus is seeking a man who is seeking Him. It’s a beautiful story. We should be able to relate to it. It’s the story of every Christian.


The God of Hope

Romans 15.1-13 covers the basis for Christian unity and togetherness. This is all based on the saving work of Jesus, 15.8. God sent Jesus to validate His truthfulness and give mercy to the Gentiles. He wants to fill our lives with peace and joy, causing us to abound in hope. Do you abide in this hope?


The Day God Ran

Today, we’ll take a fresh look at what I believe is the pinnacle of Jesus’stories relayed to us during His earthly ministry: The prodigal son. We are very familiar with this story. It is divided into three parts. The younger son, his father, and older brother are all given the spotlight. Each part of the story overlaps. Today, we’ll focus on the younger son and his father.


Psalm 100: The Protocol of Worship

How do we enter God’s presence? Psalm 100 tells us how. We must examine and engage our ...

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