You Can’t Sub-Contract Your Faith

Have you adopted your own faith? We must resist the urge to sub-contract our faith. Nothing can be more discouraging to others than when they see you participating halfheartedly. See Revelation 2.1-7. Today we will look at some reasons why we can’t sub-contract our faith.

I.  We cannot be indifferent to God.

  1. Are we paying attention to the opportunities to grow? Be together? Reach others? Encourage Others?
  2. Hebrews 12.29 – in truth,…God is a consuming fire. He is real!
  3. Exodus 19.16-19; 20.18-19 – How did Israel react to God’s presence on Mt. Sinai?
  4. Hebrews 12.18-29 – Christians have come to Mt. Zion. Note the comparison.
    1. 12.26-27 – A shaking is coming.
    2. Are you building your spiritual house with things that will endure?
    3. See esp. 12.28-29 – God must be respected!
      1. Luke 8.18 – Take heed HOW you hear! See Isaiah 66.2b; Hebrews 2.1-4.

II.  We cannot accommodate God to ourselves.

  1. How are you doing with the temptation to “adjust” God or “fit” God to yourself?
  2. Mark 8.34-38 – Will we remember the principles here?
  3. We need to let God be God and let ourselves be His creatures!

III.  We cannot compartmentalize God.

  1. The commitment we make to God is to be all-encompassing.
  2. Sometimes…when we see what obedience is going to mean – we try to confine God to one compartment of life and keep the other part to self.
  3. This thinking is flawed and leads to disaster.
    1. We cannot put God in some box of our own making.
    2. 2 Corinthians 8.5; Colossians 3.17.


  1. To be near God with words – but far from Him in our hearts is to be in a dire condition!
  2. Luke 9.57-62 – Jesus rejected those who only wanted a superficial attachment to Him.
  3. You can’t sub-contract your faith.
    1. It takes an utterly serious, diligent approach to the matter of going to heaven! 1 Peter 1.13-17; 2 Timothy 2.15.
    2. Have you left your first love? i.e., Revelation 2.1-7
    3. May we radically respect God. May we be a source of inspiration for those around us.


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